Introducing, PowerPost ...

PowerPost is an innovative product designed to give farmers greater flexibility and options when designing grazing paddocks.

The world’s first totally portable reel stand and multifunction post.

PowerPost creates temporary fences that can be built quickly and taken down equally as fast with no tools required. PowerPost is ideal for rotational grazing systems, creating temporary lanes to herd cattle into a barn yard, directing livestock to a water source and creating a solid anchor for reels where none exist.

Available in the USA through Powerflex Fence

PowerPost is a reel stand and multifunction post. A quick and convenient installation allows for ease of changing temporary fence direction, creating a gate in a paddock, or hanging reels where no anchoring wire exists. Create paddocks where no fence of any kind exists. It can be used as a portable anchor post, portable corner post, and a portable reel stand. Its uniqueness is found in the built-in driver which allows the post to be driven into the ground, including hard dry ground, or frozen ground with no need for additional tools. The built-in pounder also extracts the post out of the ground with the same ease.

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